b'Phormium- Mountain Flax, New Zealand Flax Evergreen.Architectural flower stems in warmer summers, once well-established. Alison Blackman, olive-green centre with creamy yellow stripes anda thin orange-red marginNEW 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945954458Apricot Queen, upright pale yellow sword shaped leaves withapricot overtone 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945042599Black Adder, excellent, strong-growing variety with stunning,very dark bronze-purple, arching foliage 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945937598Bronze Baby, wine red foliage and a compact habit ideal for tubs603L Jun-Jul 5019945015623cookianum hookeri Cream Delight, leaves have cream centres withattractive yellow margins 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945015630 Evening Glow, young leaves erect with older leaves spreading.Bright red-pink foliage.903L Jun-Jul 5019945910164Golden Ray, golden stripes each side of an olive green leaf centre. 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945926943Pink Stripe, delightful bronze-green leaves with a contrasting pink edge. 180 3L Jun-Jul 5019945037779Rainbow Maiden, the central leaf area is dark salmon-pink on new leaves, fading to yellow-pink, with a narrow green-bronze band insidethe margin.NEW 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945015661 Rainbow Queen, leaves have grey green centres with striking pink margin. 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945062597 Rainbow Sunrise, orange-pink broad central strip with agreeny-brown margin.NEW803L Jun-Jul 5019945229044 Sundowner,bronze-green leaves with rose-pink or apricot marginsthat sing in the sunlightNEW 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945015685 Veneer, reminiscent of polished antique wood with margins of rich mahogany and inner shades of coral pink and creamy ivory. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation without a license is illegal)NEW 100 3L Jun-Jul 5019945229051 Yellow Wave, cream yellow and green striped foliage903L Jun-Jul 5019945036499Photinia- Evergreen.x fraseri Red Robin, white flowers, bright red, glossy young leaf growth. 400 3LMay-Jun5019945015692 Pieris- Prefers lime-free soil. Evergreen.All with bronze to red new growth and Lily of the Valley type flowers. Flaming Silver, a sport of Forest Flame with leaves edged white.New growth scarlet. 100 2LApr-May5019945984844Forest Flame, brilliant red young growth 150 2LApr-May5019945984868japonica Mountain Fire, new selection with very dark red young.752LMar-Apr5019945984851japonica Passion, deep cerise flowers held nicely above the foliage. (Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Propagation illegal without a license). 150 2LMar-Apr5019945984875japonica Valley Valentine, stunning dusky red flowers 150 2LApr-May5019945984899Myrtus communis Phormium SundownerPrunus Okame2020 Shrubs 13'