b'Lonicera -Bush Honeysucklex purpusii Winter Beauty, semi-evergreen in most winters, this lovelyplant produces very fragrant white blooms in winter and early spring 180 3LDec-Mar5019945023970 Lophomyrtus- Evergreen. x ralphii Red Dragon, striking shrub with reddish pink young foliage,maturing to deep red with age, darkening further during winter.May require winter protection in colder areas only. White flowersmay occur in summer . 150 3L-5019945942318Lupinusarboreus, Tree Lupin, semi-evergreen, usually short-lived shrub.Flowers normally yellow (but may vary) during summer 150 3LJun-Aug5019945014770 arboreus Chelsea Blue, more compact variety of the above with fragrantblue (occasionally bicoloured blue and white) flowers, semi-evergreen. 120 3LJun-Aug5019945940864 Mahonia -Lily of the Valley Bush, Oregon GrapeEvergreen, excellent architectural foliage.x media Charity, attractive, deep yellow, slightly fragrant flowers over vigorous growth. 400 3LNov-Jan5019945014831x media Winter Sun, attractive fragrant yellow flowers over strong,leathery growth 400 3LOct-Dec5019945014862Myrtus -Myrtle Evergreen. Delicate white feathery flowers, aromatic leaves; ideally mild areas, full sun.apiculata, (Luma apiculata), small dark leaves, cinnamon peeling bark 250 3LAug-Oct5019945015135apiculata Glanleam Gold, (Luma apiculata Glanleam Gold), leaveswith irregular cream margin. Young growth attractively tinged pink 250 3LAug-Oct5019945015128communis, Common Myrtle, fragrant white flowers, black fruits . 200 3L Jul-Sep 5019945015142Osmanthus- Evergreen. x burkwoodii, popular, rounded versatile shrub with masses of white,highly fragrant flowers. 250 3LApr-May5019945960053Pachysandra- Ideal ground cover for shade. Prefers lime-free soil. Evergreen. terminalis Green Carpet, good compact habit but also with veryglossy green leavesNEW302LFeb-Mar5019945978744 terminalis Variegata, creamy-white leaf variegations302LFeb-Mar5019945015364Parahebe- Evergreen spreading sub shrubs for a sheltered position. catarractea Baby Blue, small, speedwell-like blue flowers.303LMay-Jul5019945995840 catarractea Porlock, small purple flowers with red centres .303LMay-Jul5019945991095 Snow Clouds, small white flowers with a red eye.302L Apr-Jun 5019945991088Perovskia- Russian SageBlue Spire, violet flowers on silver spikes above aromatic foliageduring late summer. 120 3L Jul-Aug 5019945015388 Philadelphus- Mock OrangeBelle Etoile, compact, white flowers with purple base, fragrant 180 4L Jun-Jul 5019945015531coronarius Aureus, leaves bright yellow in Spring, later yellow-greenbest colour in semi-shade, flowers creamy white, strongly scented 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945015548Manteau dHermine, dwarf and compact, fragrant, creamy-whitedouble flowers. 120 3L Jun-Jul 5019945015586Mrs E.L. Robinson, a medium sized variety with fragrant,semi-double white flowers 150 3L Jun-Jul 5019945983113 Virginal, large double white, sweetly scented flowers, tall-growing. 250 4L Jun-Jul 5019945015609 Phlomis- Evergreen.fruticosa, Jerusalem Sage, bright yellow flowers, grey-green leaves.903L Jun-Jul 501994501571512'