b'lusitanica Lusi Purple, large flowerheads topped by purple-blue flags.The plant is upright in growth and the foliage holds its quality well in winter(Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licenceis illegal).NEW403LMay-Jun5019945204072 pedunculata pedunculata, flower spikes are borne attractively on longer stems well above the compact foliage603LMay-Jun5019945014442Pukehou, French type with impressive wide purple flower heads.503LMay-Jun5019945940765 Regal Splendour, vibrant, rich purple-blue flowers. May require protectionin colder areas. (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without alicence is illegal).703LMay-Jun5019945947184stoechas, French Lavender, fragrant dark purple flowers in terminal heads,topped by showy purple bracts603LMay-Jun5019945014459stoechas lusitanica, heads of aromatic, violet-purple flowers503LMay-Jun5019945969711 stoechas Tiara, stunning large blue flowerheads, topped with creamy whiteflags, silvery-grey foliage (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagationwithout a licence is illegal).603LMay-Jul5019945956131vera (x intermedia), Dutch Group, grey leaves, pretty lavender-blue flowers.903L Jul-Aug 5019945014466Willow Vale, available in the Hotspots Catalogue. Walbertons Silver Edge, available in the Hotspots Catalogue.Lavatera -Shrubby MallowBlue Bird, unusual, lilac flowers with purple streaks (Protected by Plant Variety Rights. Propagation without a licence is illegal). 150 3LJun-Oct5019945061538 Burgundy Wine, strong, semi-evergreen growth with many rich,light purple flowers over a long period. 200 3LJun-Oct5019945920057Ruby Star, selected for its compact habit so it can be grown in a largepatio tub. Has ruby-pink flowers over a long period 120 3LJun-Oct5019945983991 x clementii Barnsley, large attractive flowers, opening white,turning pink with age, and a distinctive red eye. 180 3L Jul-Oct 5019945014503x clementii Barnsley Baby, same Barnsley flowers but a shorter habit 100 3L Jul-Oct 5019945922440x clementii Silver Barnsley, Barnsley flowers but with silver-grey foliage 150 3L Jul-Oct 5019945066380 x clementii Bredon Springs, many deep pink flowers over a longperiod above vigorous semi-evergreen growth 200 3LJun-Oct5019945920026x clementii Rosea, velvety pink flowers above semi-evergreengrey-green foliage are always a welcome sight in a garden 200 3LJun-Oct5019945014480 Leptospermum -New Zealand tea tree Evergreen.scoparium Adrianne, pretty, double blush pink flowers from compact growth 150 3LMay-Jul5019945923317scoparium martini, attractive pink flowers, flushed red. 180 3LMay-Jul5019945923928scoparium Red Damask, double deep red flowers. 180 3LMay-Jul5019945014596scoparium Snow Flurry, many attractive, double white flowers combine well with the grey-green foliage. May require protection in the coldest areas 150 3LMay-Jul5019945928510 Hydrangea paniculata Strawberry Blossom Hypericum inodorum Magical Universe Lavandula lusitanica Lusi Pink2020 Shrubs 11'