b'Iberis Masterpiece Ranunculus This fantastic evergreen2 litre pots Magic Bowl Shrubby Candytuft has (4 trays of 6) been bred to flower from High-impact rose-like 34 x 22cm bowlMedium bedcard late spring right throughblooms over severalDelivered Marchsummer Delivered in April weeks in good clearto April in bud andHardy and perennial, in bud and flower coloursflower in a well-drained sunny Three plants of the same position colour per bowl Qty RetailQty RetailQty RetailCirsiumCirsium Frosted MagicTrevors Blue Wonder 27 x 2 litre pots White flowered form ofthis popular tall thistle Medium bedcardSomewhat misnamed, the 27 x 2 litre pots relative, that worksThistle flowers are actually Medium bedcardparticularly well inDelivered in April toheather purple compared prairie-style bordersMay with ascending to Atropurpreum which are Delivered in April toHardy and perennial budsburgundy colouredMay with ascendingGrows to 1.2mbudsQty Retail Qty Retail Hardy and perennialQty Retail Qty Retail2020 Limited Extras Catalogue 5'