b'Rehmannia Walbertons Magic Dragon 1lt Exotic 6cm sterile flowerson 70cm stems over a very long periodEasy to grow in reasonable soil, hardy and perennial Bred at Walberton Nursery 1 litre pots (4 trays of 8)Delivered in March EU PBR applies (WALREMADRA) A Walbertons Introduction Qty RetailPatio Peonies Specially selected for their compact habit combined with stunning big flowersSuitable for larger patio tubs Five varietiesAthens, Rome, plus thethree picturedHardy and perennial28 x 3 litre deep pots Long bedcard Delivered in AprilQty RetailLondon Madrid KievxxCrinodendron hookerianum The evergreen lantern tree puts on a spectaculardisplay through earlysummer every yearOur plants are delivered heavily budded for maximum impact on centres 21 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered in April in budQty Retail4'