b'Spring Tip Heathers These Callunas are bredfor their brightly coloured young spring shootsShowy, late summer flowers over several weeksSeveral varieties per collectionHardy and perennial1 litre pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcardDelivered March to AprilQty RetailSpring Torch spring shoots Kirstin summer flowersTulip Pretty Princess What a stunner withlong-lasting pink and purpleflowers on sturdy 35cm stems plus white-edged foliageA sport from the fabulous Princess IreneHardy and perennial 1 litre pots (8 trays of 8)Medium bedcard Delivered in MarchQty RetailNative Cowslip v11 Always popular and perfect for naturalising in grassWill flower again every spring Hardy and perennial v11 pots (8 trays of 15) Delivered March to April in budQty Retail Unpriced2020 Limited Extras Catalogue 3'