b'Delphinium Summer Nights 5lt Gentian blue flowers withinstant patio appeal over several weeksCan be perennial but usually treated as annual15 x 5 litre terraplastic potsDelivered July to Augustin bud and flowerQty RetailCrocosmia Walbertons Series Very large outward-facing flowers at a manageable height make these varieties very sought-afterBred by David TristramHardy and perennial42 x 3 litre pots Walbertons Yellow Long bedcard Delivered in July to Augustin bud and flower A Walbertons introduction. PVR appliesQty RetailWalbertons Bright Eyes Walbertons Miss ScarletSaxifrage Sibyll Trelawney Named after Emma Thompsons character in Harry Potter!!!!Super autumn flowers and foliage, perfect for a shady spotHardy and perennial 1.5 litre pots (8 trays of 6) Delivered August toOctober in bud and flower Qty Retail2020 Limited Extras Catalogue 25'