b'Hydrangea paniculata 5lt Recent breeding of thesenew colours has significantlyraised the profile of these valuable late summerstunnersHardy and perennial30 x 5 litre pots Delivered July to September in budand flowerQty RetailStrawberry Blossom Summer Love Angels BlushRudbeckia Sunbeckia Ophelia Think of Prairie Sun then halve the height and thatis OpheliaAn amazing late summertub plant lasting well into September 21 x 3 litre potsDelivered July to Augustin bud and flowerQty RetailRudbeckia SmileyZ 5lt Stunning big daisies until the first frosts on a superb,compact plant (up to 50cm)Claimed to be hardy and perennial as they are anEchinacea/Rudbeckia crossThree varieties 30 x 5 litreterraplastic potsDelivered August to September in budand flower Qty RetailGiggling HappyKissing24'