b'Cactus Dahlias Few plants out-performDahlias in late summer and the Cactus types add real impactHeight 1.2m, exceptKennemerland at 90cm and Ludwig Helfert at 1m Nuit dEte Wittermans Best 21 x 3 litre potsMedium bedcardDelivered May to June in budQty RetailKennemerland My Love Purple GemPom Pom DahliasNon-stop neat flowers, from late summer untilthe first frosts Fabulous in any mixed border Three varietiespicturedHeight 65-90cmdepending on variety42 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered May to Junein budQty RetailNatal Stolze von Berlin Souvenir dEteDinner Plate Dahlias Huge 20-25cm blooms on sturdy stems create realwow-factor in any borderfrom late summer to thefirst frostsFour varietiespictured 15 x 5 litre potsCafe au Lait Medium bedcard Delivered May to JuneQty RetailManhattan Island Dazzling Sun Vassio Meggos18'