b'FreesiaDahlia Orange FlamePink SunburstHigh-impact, two tone flowers all summer Fragrant blooms on 45cm 1.5 litre pots on a neat, compact plantPerfect for containers or massed planting stems over many weeks(4 trays of 6)1 litre pots (8 trays of 8)Hardy down to aboutMedium bedcard -5oC in the right spotDelivered June to July in bud and flowerDelivered in May in bud and flower Qty Retail Qty RetailQty RetailLily longiflorum World TradePollen Free Lilies A shorter-growing form28 x 3 litre deep pots No more stained clothes 28 x 3 litre deep pots of the exquisitely-scented whilst handling these LiliesMedium bedcard Medium bedcard L. longiflorumwhat a selling pointMakes a superb patio Delivered May to JuneTwo lovely varietiesDelivered in Aprilsubject where its headyin budpicturedin bud perfume can really be Hardy and perennialenjoyedin the right spotQty Retail Qty Retail Mountain Joy Delicate Joy2020 Limited Extras Catalogue 15'