b'Osteospermums v11 Eight colours from theMargarita series, perfect for using in mixed summertubs and hanging baskets v11 pots (16 trays of 15) Delivered in Mayin bud and flowerOrange Flame White Spoon Blue Sunrise Qty Retail Unpriced Pink Flare Yellow WhitePetunia Hanging Pots These hanging pots are planted with F1 Damask Multiflora varieties thatare renowned for their neat, mounding habit Five coloursCarmine plus the four pictured Damask Pink Damask Blue 24 x 25cmhanging potsDelivered April to Mayin bud and flower Qty RetailDamask White Damask PurpleFreesia Lovely Series Beautiful flowers on sturdy,self-supporting 25cm stems that make a very showypot full Three coloursall hardydown to around -5oC 1.5 litre pots (8 trays of 6)Long bedcard Delivered in May in budQty RetailCream Blue White14'