b'Hydrangea paniculata 5lt Recent breeding to improve habit and colour range has significantly raised theprofile of these valuablelate summer stunnersVery hardy and perennial 30 x 5 litre pots Living Summer LoveDelivered July to August in bud and flowerQty RetailLiving Strawberry Blossom Living Little LimeAllium Millennium Profuse, 5-6cm, insect- friendly pink pompom flowers in mid-late summer on very sturdy stemsHardy and perennial54 x 2 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered June to July in bud and flowerQty RetailDaphne Eternal Fragrance & Pink Fragrance Sweetly-scented flowers in spring on last years growth then more during summer on new growthNeat, compact & evergreen Hardy and perennial,growing to 90cm high2 litre pots (4 trays of 6)Long bedcard Delivered April to Octoberin bud and flower Qty RetailEternal Fragrance Pink Fragrancexx84'