b'Hibiscus Walbertons Rose Moon High impact flowers measure a whopping 18cm across on an upright, vase shaped,non-evergreen shrub. Grows to about 2m high x 1m wide in 10 years. Winter hardy1.5 litre pots (4 trays of 6) Medium bedcard Delivered May to Julyin bud EU BPR pending under the nameWALHIRSMO. A Walbertons IntroductionQty RetailHibiscus Starburst Chiffon & Magenta Chiffon Two fantastic varietiesfrom UK breeder,Dr Roderick WoodsFlower over several weeksMake a vase-shaped,1.75m high shrub in 10 yearsSold as separate promotions21 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered July to August in bud EU PVR AppliesQty RetailStarburst Chiffon Magenta ChiffonGypsophila Summer Sparkles Summer Sparkles is theperfect combination short enough to sell in flower,yet tall enough to make areally useful cut flowerNon-stop blooming through summerHardy and perennial in a sunny, well-drained spot42 x 3 litre terraplastic potsDelivered June to Julyin bud and flowerQty Retail82'