b'Climbing FuchsiaClimbing Fuchsia Lady Boothby Lady in Black Vigorous, erect stems 30 x 3 litre deep pinkDarker flowered form 1 litre potsreach 2m every seasonpots with cane tripodwith the same erect habit(12 trays of 8)Superb against a wall or Medium bedcard Flowers from June untilMedium bedcard fence with supportlate autumnDelivered in JuneDelivered May to June Flowers from JuneHardy and perennial,through until late autumnnormally re-growing from Hardy and perennial, the base each springnormally re-growing from the base each spring Qty Retail Qty RetailHelianthemums Ever popular Rock Roses bearing a profusion of papery blooms over several weeksin early summerWe have carefully selected several, tidier varieties Hardy, evergreen & perennial The Bride Ben Fhada1.5 litre pots (12 trays of 6) Long bedcard Delivered May to June in bud Qty RetailFireball Wisley Pink2022 Hotspots Catalogue 69'