b'Lavender Meerlo Season-long variegatedfoliage, forms a denserounded aromatic bush,providing striking contrastFlowering can be limitedin a cool british summerTreat as half hardy1.5 litre taupe pots(8 trays of 6) Medium bedcard Delivered in June Qty RetailOsteospermum Stardust Non-stop summer flowers that stay open longerthan many other varietiesHas a compact habit soworks well in patio tubsHardy and perennial in awell-drained position72 x 1.5 litre pots Correx or medium bedcard Delivered May to June in bud and flower Qty RetailHardy Osteospermums Carpets of stunning daisies for months from late springHardy, evergreen andperennial in the right spot1.5 litre pots (8 trays of 6) Long bedcard Lady Leitrim Delivered May to June in bud Qty RetailIn The Pink Tresco Purple Snow Pixie66'