b'Hardy Lilies Seven colours, batch grownfor continuous salesHardy and perennial in awell-drained sunny position120 x 3 litre deep potsA2 correx board/bedcard Delivered April to May in budQty RetailScented Lily Stargazer Sumptuous big blooms witha gorgeous fragrance andmakes a good cut flowerHardy and perennial in the right spot3 bulbs per pot 2 litre deep pots (12 trays of 6)Medium bedcardDelivered April to May Qty RetailDwarf Lily Matrix Hot vibrantly-colouredflowers on very sturdyshorter stemsHardy and perennial in the border1.5 litre pots (12 trays of 6) Medium bedcardDelivered April to Mayin bud Qty Retail2022 Hotspots Catalogue 61'