b'Snowdrop elwesii Snowdrop woronowii The Greater Snowdrop is a robust specie, The Giant Snowdrop grows to 15cm high and originally from the Balkans, which grows tobears large impressive flowers. Originating from 30cm high and has impressive 2.5cm flowersa wide variety of habitats in Turkey and Southern Russia, woronowii is a tough specie that thrives v11 pots (4 trays of 15) all over the UKMedium bedcard v11 pots (4 trays of 15) Delivered January to February Medium bedcardQty RetailDelivered Jan to FebQty Retail Unpriced UnpricedDouble Snowdrop Winter Aconite Charming late winter flowers to brighten up any garden One of the very earliest bulbs to flower in the garden which is completely winter hardyGreat for naturalising in drifts in grassy areasWe grow Eranthis hyemalis Cilicica that flowers Hardy and perennial reliably making the best pot productv11 pots (8 trays of 15) 1 litre pots (12 trays of 8)Medium bedcardMedium bedcardDelivered Januaryto February Qty Retail Delivered in January Qty Retail Unpriced in bud 6'