b'Digitalis Firebird Sterile, long-lasting flowers Hardy and perennial(down to -5oC)Micro-propagated foruniformity and vigour63 x 3 litre pots Medium correx Delivered May to Junein bud EU Plant Variety Rightsapplication pendingQty RetailSorbaria Sem Attractive young pink leaves mellow to veined creamy greenWhite flowers in mid-summer Hardy and non-evergreen Height 90cm in 5 years 21 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered March to May Qty RetailDigitalis Goldcrest 1.5lt & 5ltBreeding WALBERTONSsuccess withRusty-yellow, sterile blooms appear 1.5 litre pots (12 trays of 6) over an unusually long period every Medium bedcard summer on 40cm stemsUnlike many others, this foxgloveDelivered May to June in bud is truly perennial Qty Retail 15 x 5 litre terraplastic potsDelivered May to June in bud and flower Qty RetailEU PBR Applies (WALDIGONE)1.5lt 5lt A Walbertons Introduction58'