b'Dianthus Cocktail Series Classy single flowers for ages on elegant stemsFour contrasting varietiesAll have a knock-out perfume and the same habit A great cut flowerShirley Temple Tequila Sunrise Cosmopolitan 36 x 1.5 litre pots Medium bedcardDelivered April to May in bud Qty RetailCherry DaiquiriScented Pinks 1.5lt Eight compact varieties that flower Now sold as separate promotions at about 20cm72 x 1.5 litre potsThey have been selected for their Medium bedcard for each variety knock-out perfumeHardy, evergreen and easy to growPassion delivered January to Marchin a well-drained sunny position All others delivered April to MayAll in bud and flowerCaptain Diaz Coconut Sundae Coral Reef MemoriesQty Retail Qty Retail Qty Retail Qty RetailPassion Raspberry Sundae Sissy SophieQty Retail Qty Retail Qty Retail Qty Retail2022 Hotspots Catalogue 55'