b'Rehmannia Walbertons Magic Dragon Big exotic 6cm sterile flowers on 70cm stems over avery long periodHardy and perennial; easy to grow in reasonable soil42 x 3 litre pots Correx or medium bedcard Delivered April to Junein budEU PBR Pending (WALREMADRA)A Walbertons IntroductionQty RetailCampanula Catharina Neat, spreading evergreen foliage is studded with loads of lilac-blue flowers over many weeks throughsummerHardy and easy soideal for beginners54 x 2 litre potsMedium bedcardDelivered April to Junein bud and flower Qty RetailVerbena bonariensis 1lt Flowers mid-summer to late autumn on elegant 1.2m stemsAttracts butterflies and bees Hardy and perennial in many parts of the UK1 litre pots (16 trays of 8) Medium bedcard Delivered April to May Qty Retail54'