b'West Country Lupins 3lt & 5lt Sarah Conibear has spent years selecting42 x 3 litre pots 30 x 5 litre pots the very best forms from the original stockMedium bedcard Delivered March to May at her nursery in DevonCollections selected from several varieties Delivered March to April Micro-propagated for uniformity and vigour Qty Retail Qty RetailRachel de Thame Desert Sun Magic Lantern Salmon Star Beefeater Manhattan LightsSpeciality Foxgloves The sterile flowers last for longer than normal foxgloves63 x 3 litre pots so displays last longerMay to JulyCorrex or long bedcardThen cut back for repeat flowering in autumnDelivered green, April to May Micro-propagated for uniformity and vigour Qty RetailIllumination Illumination Pink Illumination Apricot Illumination Raspberry Cherry Brandy Firecracker Berry Canary2022 Hotspots Catalogue 47'