b'Heucheras 1lt for Spring Several contrasting andvery compact varieties from Terra Nova and WaltersGardensDrought tolerant and good in shade so extremely versatile1 litre pots (12 trays of 8) Long bedcard Delivered Februaryto March Little Cuties Blondie in Lime Timeless Treasure Little Cuties PeppermintLittle Cuties BlondieQty RetailTimeless Night Little Cuties Blondie Grape Timeless Heucheras/Heucherellas 2lt for Spring Several contrasting varietiesincluding British bredvarietiesMicro-propagated foruniformity and vigour2 litre pots (12 trays of 6) Correx or long bedcard Delivered January to April Heucherella Buttered Rum Dark Secret Northern Exposure SilverQty RetailTokyo Flores Sea Coralberry2022 Hotspots Catalogue 43'