b'Aquilegia Swan Mix Diosma Sunset Gold Classic, large columbine1 litre potsMasses of pretty springflowers in a range of good(12 trays of 8)flowers clear colours Medium bedcard Attractive year-round foliageHeight 50cm so perfect forwhich is bright yellow, Delivered March tosmaller spaces in modernApril in the green scented and heather-like gardens A Farplants specialityHardy, easy and perennial 42 x 3 litre pots Qty RetailMedium bedcard Qty RetailDelivered February to AprilDiosma Pink Fountain Halimium libanotis Masses of pretty springHundreds of flowers inflowerssuccession through lateScented, heather-like, spring every year year-round foliage An evergreen shrub for a sunny, well-drained positionA Farplants speciality63 x 3 litre pots42 x 3 litre potsMedium bedcardMedium bedcardDelivered March to AprilDelivered January to April Qty Retailin bud and flowerQty Retail 2022 Hotspots Catalogue 39'