b'Excalibur Delphiniums Excalibur Delphiniums grow to just 1m so they are perfect for smaller modern gardensFive varieties:Dark Blue with Black Bee plus the four pictured 1 litre pots (24 trays of 8) 1m correx or long bedcard Delivered April to May Qty RetailWhite Dark Blue / White BeeAchilleas Hardy and reliable colour for any summer borderInsect friendly and a greatcut flower tooSeveral varieties: including those pictured1 litre pots (12 trays of 8)CassisMedium bedcard Delivered February to April Qty RetailSummer Pastels Cerise Queen Summer BerriesGeums Geums are very much in fashion now no doubt due toTotally Tangerines incredible popularityTwo varietiespictured Hardy, easy and perennial 1 litre pots (12 trays of 8) Long bedcard Delivered March to MayQty RetailLady Stratheden Mrs Bradshaw36'