b'Sedum Sparkles 1lt Five contrasting varietiesselected from our autumn range, all with a neat andmounding habitHardy and perennial in awell-drained sunny spot1 litre pots (12 trays of 8)Lime Twister Wildfire Long bedcardDelivered April to MayQty RetailFirecracker Blue ElfPulsatilla Pinwheel Series Delicate, yet resilient spring flowers above attractivefeathery foliage. Silky seed heads remain a feature through the summerAvailable in three colours Hardy and perennialv11 pots (12 trays of 15) Long bedcard Delivered March to Aprilin bud Qty Retail Unpriced Dark Red White Blue VelvetSilver Shamrock Attractive, low, grey-greenfoliage and pretty late spring flowers every yearOxalis adenophylla is hardy and perennial1 litre pots (12 trays of 8) Medium bedcard Delivered March to Aprilin bud Qty Retail26'