b'Mossy Saxifrage 1lt Saxifrage Touran 2ltDefinitely a Farplants speciality 1 litre potsHuge flowers on neat 54 x 2 litre pots (12 trays of 8)compact plantsSuperior to seed-raised imports Medium bedcardMedium bedcard Three varieties Hardy, evergreen and perennial Delivered February Delivered Marchpicturedto March in bud Three colourspictured to April in budHardy, evergreen and and flowerperennialQty RetailQty Retail WhitePink RedSaxifrage BowlsArabis Rose Delight We have used the early-34 x 22cm BowlsBright magenta pink 1 litre potsflowering Alpino varietiesDelivered March spring flowers in great (12 trays of 8)to create these high to April in bud profusion held above a Medium bedcard impact bowlscompact, neat, spreading,After flowering, they can evergreen plant Delivered Februarybe planted in the ground A superb container plantto March in bud where they will re-bloomfor patios, beds and banks every springHardy and perennialQty RetailQty Retail 2022 Hotspots Catalogue 25'