b'Helleborus Viv Series These orientalis hybridsare all micro-propogatedso plants are uniform andvigorous, unlike seed- raised formsEarly to flower Hardy and perennialPink White Victoria63 x 3 litre potsDelivered September to February in bud and flower Qty RetailRed Rosa MaeveHardy Tub & Basket PlantsA great winter promotion to fill up those empty benches and inspire your customersEach full collection issupplied with four 1m correx boards and 8m of benchwrap. These all have fresh images to reflect modern containers and planting ideas, showing yourcustomers what they can achieveCollections selected froma range of over 40 varieties v11 pots (24 trays of 15) Supplied with correx and this colourfulbenchwrapDelivered Octoberto January Qty Retail Unpriced2022 Hotspots Catalogue 101'