b'Rhubarb 3lt Hardy, easy and lasts for years. Can be grown in a flower borderPull stems to harvest,rather than cuttingThree great varieties: Glaskins Perpetual,Victoria and Timperley Early63 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcard Delivered February to May Qty RetailTimperley EarlyFig Brown Turkey The most reliable cropperfor the UKVery sweet flavour In colder areas,best fan-trained against a warm wall, where it will last for many years21 x 3 litre pots (as a bush) Medium bedcard Delivered March to May Qty RetailAsparagus Pair Crops for years,once establishedMakes a good ornamental foliage plantTwo varieties per collection selected for their productivity28 x 3 litre deep pots Medium bedcard Delivered from Marchto May Qty RetailPacific 2000 Pacific Purple2020 Grow Your Own Catalogue 5'