b'VEGETABLES The Four Allotmenteers!We test all the new varieties to see how they perform and tasteNeil RobertsonRichard ElliottLee HopperRichard Gooding Marketing Sales Sales Stock ControlPremium Value Cell PacksGrown in 6 and 9 cell packsSpring Autumnwith 4 packs per tray, QtyRetailQtyRetail Unpriced Unpriced5 trays per shelf and35 trays per full trolley Spring 40 popular varieties(see order form)4 x 1m correx boardsand 8m of benchwrapwith first full trolleydelivery (see order form). Veg banner availableat 40 eachDelivered March to Mayin batchesAutumn 20 varieties(see order form)Long bedcard Delivered Aug to SeptBaby Sweetcorn Beetroot BoltardyRadish Rainbow Butterhead Lettuce Onion Redmate2'