b'CHILLIES/PEPPERS Hot and Trendy Chillies 1.5lt We have combined two ranges to cater for1.5 litre pots (8 trays of 6) all Chilli lovers, from those who like the subtleLong Bedcard heat of milder varieties to those who like tolive dangerously! Delivered July to August Each label front now has an easy-to-seeheat-rating plus scoville units on the back Qty RetailTrinidad Scorpion H Golden Ghost H Habanero Chocolate HPot Black T Paper Lantern H Poblano Ancho TChillies 1lt Six varieties: Apache, Basket of Fire, 1 litre potsCheyenne, Loco, Prairie Fire and (8 trays of 8) Scotch Bonnet Long bedcardPerfect for growing on a sunny patioDelivered May to Juneequally happy in a conservatory or on abright window sill Qty Retail16'