b'Heritage & Novelty Tomatoes A collection of more unusual varieties for the discerning gardenerSeven varieties:Harbinger, Sub Arctic Plenty, Tumbling Tiger,plus the four picturedTigerella Essex Wonderv11 pots (12 trays of 15) Long bedcard Delivered April to May Qty Retail Unpriced Black Russian Chocolate CherryPatio Tomatoes Sold with fruit for superbimpulse appealVery compact varieties for tub and patio growing,all with cherry sized fruitsFive varieties:Balconi Yellow plus those Golden Peardrop Sweet n Neat Scarletpictured54 x 2 litre pots Long bedcard Delivered May to June Qty RetailBalconi Red Sweet n Neat Lemon SherbetTomato Hanging Pots Tumbling Tom Red andTumbling Tiger are bothbush varieties and require no trimmingProduces an abundant cropif watered and liquid fedregularly24 x 25cmgreen hanging potsDelivered May to June Qty RetailTumbling Tom Red Tumbling Tiger2020 Grow Your Own Catalogue 15'