b'Globe Artichoke Superb architectural silverfoliage for bordersUnharvested buds openinto beautiful blue thistles, much loved by insectsHardy and perennialflowering at about 1.5m42 x 3 litre pots Medium bedcardEE FRIENDLYBDelivered April to May Qty RetailBean & Pea Wigwams A convenient and attractive way to grow peas and beans on the patioSold as two separate promotions24 wigwamsper variety (1 shelf)Delivered in May Qty Bean RetailQty Pea RetailGrape Vines Two indoor dessert varieties and four outdoor winevarieties (see order form)This sample was pottedinto a 10lt pot and grew to 4.2m by late August!2 litre deep pots(see order form forcollection details)Long bedcard Delivered April to May Qty Retail2020 Grow Your Own Catalogue 11'