b'PrimrosePrimrose EverlastStar Fever 1lt & Bowl 1lt & Bowl A classy stand-out variety 1 litre pots Very popular colour 1 litre pots at the Rudy Raes trials(12 trays of 8)resembling the wild specie(12 trays of 8)Will be popular for Medium bedcard Bred to be very hardyMedium bedcard planted arrangements 17 x 22cm bowls 17 x 22cm bowlsQty 1lt RetailBoth delivered JanQty 1lt RetailBoth delivered Jan & Feb in bud & flower& Feb in bud & flower Qty Bowl Retail Qty Bowl RetailThemed Primrose Bowls To sell alongside the themed packs34 x 22cm bowls Delivered in Februaryin bud and flowerQty RetailCandy Sky Blue Milkshake Tinkerbell Rhubarb & CustardBlueberry Ripple Raspberry PunchWe visit Primrose trialsevery February to find thebest new varieties & mixes8'