b'Miniature Cyclamen Jumbo Six Packs Great in sheltered raisedbeds and patio containersCollections include marbled and silver-leaved formsSome colours are scented 28 x 6 packs with colourstrap labelDelivered September to October in bud Qty Retail Cyclamen Indiaka 1lt Striking flowers that lookas if they have been dipped in paint Several shades in the mix 1 litre taupe pots(16 trays of 8) Medium bedcardDelivered September toOctober in bud and flower Qty RetailCyclamen Cyclamen CyclamenBowls 22cm Fringed Bowls Bowls 35cm Four colours34 x 22cm bowls Several shadesFour colours15 x 35cm bowls17 x 22cm bowls Delivered Aug to Oct in bud Delivered Sept to Oct in bud Delivered Sept to Oct in bud Qty Retail Qty Retail Qty Retail2020 Bedding Catalogue 67'