b'Chrysanthemums v11Chrysanthemums 1.5lt Perfect to use in mixed autumn containers A mix of five bright colours 1.5 litre potsfrom the Blooming Beauty(12 trays of 6)Four colours per collection, single colour per tray and Paradiso series Delivered August tov11 pots (12 trays of 15)Planted in the ground theySeptember in bud Delivered August to September in bud should re-flower every and flower autumnQty RetailQty Retail UnpricedChrysanthemums 2lt Chrysanthemum BowlsFive contrasting colours 2 litre terracotta These high impulse bowls are planted withfrom Dummens Sunbeamcoloured potsParadiso varietiesknown for their bright colours series, chosen for their (12 trays of 6) Collections selected from five glowing shades exceptional rounded habit Delivered August to34 x 22cm bowlsPlanted in the ground September in bud they should re-flowerand flower Delivered August to Septemberevery autumn in bud and flower Qty RetailQty Retail 2020 Bedding Catalogue 65'