b'Viola Bowls Pansy Bowls Ten contrasting colours 85 x 22cm bowls Ten contrasting colours 34 x 22cm bowls from the Rocky and Deltini from the Rocky andDelivered SeptemberDelivered in Septemberranges selected for compact,to October in bud Deltini ranges selectedin bud and flower yet upright grown, giving and flowerfor compact, yet uprightmaximum patio performancegrown, giving maximumViolas are hardy and resilientQty Retailpatio performanceViolas are hardy andresilient Qty RetailViola Hanging Pots Pansy Hanging Pots Several colours per collection selected fromSeveral colours per collection selected fromthe best-performing ranges on the marketthe best-performing ranges on the market36 x 25cm green hanging pots 24 x 25cm green hanging pots Delivered in SeptemberDelivered in September in bud and flower in bud and flower Qty Retail Qty Retail2020 Bedding Catalogue 61'