b'Ipomoeas 3lt Ipomoea purpurea makes a twining56 x 3 litre deep potsclimber, ideal on any sunny wall oron 1m green cane tripod fence with supportflowering allLong bedcardsummer long A good conservatory plantDelivered June to July in bud and flowerQty RetailFeringaHeavenly Blue Red Cardinal CapricePlatycodon Astra Series Myosotis Mon Amie Dwarf, hardy and easy to grow The first autumn-flowering 1 litre pots forget-me-not that needs(8 trays of 8) Ideal in the front of borders no cold period to initiate Medium bedcard 1 litre pots (12 trays of 8)flowers Delivered in AugustMedium bedcard Will re-flower again in spring in bud Delivered July to August in bud and flower Height up to 20cm so Qty Retail great for border edging Qty RetailWhiteBlue Pink58'