b'Rhodochiton Purple Bells Thunbergia Mixed 3lt Unusual pendant flowers 28 x 3 litre deep potsA bright and cheery mix 28 x 3 litre deep pots throughout late summer, on a 1m cane tripodof colours in one pot toon 1m green caneon twisting stems that Medium bedcardclothe a fence or pergola tripodreach up to 1.5m right through late summer Medium bedcardAttractive heart-shapedDelivered June to July until the first frostsin bud Delivered June to July purple tinged leavesin bud and flowerA half hardy perennial climber Qty Retail Qty RetailThunbergias 3lt Thunbergia alata makes a twining climber, 56 x 3 litre deep potssuitable on any sunny wall or fence with on 1m green cane tripodsupportflowering all summer long Long bedcardSix varietiesArizona, plus the five picturedDelivered June to JulyQty Retail in bud and flowerPink BeautyLemon Star White Sunshine Susy Red Orange Sunshine Susy Brownie2020 Bedding Catalogue 57'