b'BegoniaBegonia Summerwings Glowing Embers 5lt Dark Elegance 5lt Fabulous foliage and12 x 5 litrePerhaps the best Begonia we 12 x 5 litreflowers right throughterraplastic potshave grown to date, just perfectterraplastic pots until the autumn frosts so Delivered June to July for this patio ready format Delivered Junegreat value for moneyin bud and flowerLooks superb until the first froststo July in budCompost contains and flower Compost containsslow-release fertiliser Qty Retail slow-release fertiliser Qty RetailFuchsias 5ltGeranium Bullseye 5ltWill flower through to the frosts and equally happyFour colours, all with attractively marked foliage in sun or shadeLooks superb until the first frostsThree great Fuchsita varieties picturedCompost contains slow-release fertiliserCompost contains slow-release fertiliser24 x 5 litre terraplastic pots24 x 5 litre terraplastic potsDelivered June to July Delivered June to Julyin bud and flowerin bud and flower Qty Retail Qty RetailBlush VioletRose Blue Red Lavender Light Pink Salmon54'