b'Pulsar Geraniums Stocky and compact,over-wintered plants that reliably bloom all summer longGrown cold so more resilient when deliveredv11 pots (16 trays of 15)Medium Bedcard Delivered March to April in bud and flower Qty RetailSenetti 2lt One of the must-have springpromotionsSenettis flower for anamazing 10 weeksSix colours: Blue bicolour, Deep Blue,Magenta, plus those pictured2 litre pots (12 trays of 6)Long bedcard Delivered March to AprilQty RetailMagenta Bicolour Violet Bicolour Pink BicolourSenetti 5lt Perfect to sell alongside2lt plants to customers who want instant effectSix colours as per 2lt 5 litre terraplastic pots (15 trays of 2) Delivered March to Aprilin bud and flowerQty Retail18'